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Bunking Is a Great Art

Bunking is a great art, in fact I would like to reword this sentence as today’s bunker is tomorrow’s millionaire. By justifying this, I want to tell you that had bunking not been in this world we might have not seen the great inventions like Microsoft Windows, Apple Computer Technology, Dell Hardware Technology owned and invented by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Michael Dell respectively. These all great personalities used to bunk their classes in the colleges and thought something fruitful for the world.

By narrating this story, I just want to highlight this fact that without bunking of classes of well known personalities, millions of people cannot be benefited.

One more important thing to note that through bunking you can win the title of Outstanding Student of the class because most of the time you stand out of the class.

In other words, all material and constructive work can be done only in bunk time like relaxing of mind, making fun with friends, chatting, gossiping, setting an enchanting smile on your face and the most important thing is you can keep an eye strictly who is coming in and going out of the college. Furthermore, there are lots of merits of bunking which are:

First, You cannot get scolded in the class for bad class work;

Second, You cannot be late for attending lecture;

And the third is You can never get zero or poor marks in any class test;

And there is only one demerit apparently I see which is pressurizing of mind every time being in the class by our teachers.

Here, I wish to share my personal experience that:

My mother asked me how was your first day at college?

I spontaneously replied, it was all right except for few persons called “Teacher” who kept spoiling all our fun! And the fun can be possible only by continuous bunking.

In a nutshell I would like to say.

“No anky panky and no munch
We invite you to enjoy a special Bunk”